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Generalmusic GEM Genesys Ensemble

Generalmusic GEM Genesys Ensemble musiikin työasema digitaalipiano. Kaikkien aikpjen monipuolisin digitaalipiano / sähköpiano mitä koskaan on valmistettu 

Genesys Ensemble style pianos High Polish, digitaalipiano

Italy, the birthplace of the piano, is world-renowned for it's design and style, incorporating both elegance and functionality.

The Genesys Ensemble is no exception: utilizing Generalmusic's proprietary technology, this new instrument provides an impressive list of features, presented in an easy to use panel layout and an elegant cabinet.
Whether your musical taste stems form the classics, jazz, traditional, world music or today's pop, our sound design engineers have drawn from their years of expertise to produce a high-quality PCM database comprising of over 1500 stunningly realistic instrument sounds.
For ease of use, 256 Sound Presets are arranged into 16 different Sound Families resulting in a near endless sound resource at the touch of a button.

Generalmusic is renowned for its style accompaniments. The Genesys Ensemble, with an extraordinary library of 256 styles (4 variations, 4 intros/endings), 64 user locations and over 90 music library set-ups is a virtual orchestra for all musical genres.

The new Vocal Genius will have you singing along like a star! You can connect the microphone and/or another instrument to the Genesys Ensemble at the same time.
Thanks to the Vocal Genius, a virtual chorus will enrich each performance, adding up to 4 harmonized melody lines in real time.
The microphone input also features a digital equalizer, reverb and delay (all independent), limiter and our new feedback suppressor.

Play along with an audio file, sing over the top, then record your entire performance on hard disk.
It's all possible thanks to the internal Hard Disk Recorder.
Once you have completed your performance(s), press the Make CD button and the built in CD burner will burn your music to a CD that anyone can enjoy, wherever they like!

The multimedia song player allows the direct playback of an impressive variety of song formats such as midifiles, MP3, MP3+lyric, WAV and even audio CDs.
Video out offers the possibility to visualize their multimedia contents on the internal display or external TV and video screens (lyrics, music score, chords) - Ideal for karaoke fun, entertainment and education.

The powerful internal recorder (64 songs, 250,000 events, microscope editing) makes composing and arranging directly on the instrument incredibly easy.

A three-way, high efficiency sound system delivers a crisp and powerful sound designed to accompany our astonishing samples in a 20W + 20W + 40W configuration.
The built in sub woofer perfectly reproduces the low bass notes, while the mid high speakers play back high frequencies with digital hi-fi quality.

From your first impression of the elegant Italian design and hand finished cabinet to the fabulous sound quality and feature set, the Genesys Ensemble is ready to enhance any home, studio or performance space.

- 88 keys with hammer action and aftertouch

- 64 notes max

- 256 sound presets, (16 preset x 16 sound families), 256 user, over 1500 internal sounds, sound edit quick, sound edit pro, sample editor

- 1024 (8 locations x 128 banks), 2048 single touch play (8 x style)

- 4 dsp with 57 programmable effects, 4 independent effect for vocal genius: reverb, stereo delay, limiter, 3 band semi-parametric equalizer, feedback suppressor

- Full keyboard, bass split, acc. split, piano style, manual bass, pro split

- Pitch bend and modulation wheels, main volume slider, style/seq volume slider, 8 sliders, 2 vocal genius sliders, part, d. hold, dial, cursor, inc/dec, enter/escape, page prev/next, 16 soft keys, transpose, octave

- 4 programmable pads

- Graphic 320 x 240 backlit LCD with adjustable light contrast

Vocal Genius 
- Mic slider and genius slider, 3 vocal DSPs (reverb + delay + compressor), harmony 

- 256 factory styles, 64 user styles, over 90 music library set-ups

Styles controls
- Start/stop, 4 variations, 4 fills, 4 intro, 4 ending, break, restart, syncro start, single touch play, arr on/off, arr memory, edit, fade in/out, bass inv, tempo lock, style lock, tap tempo

- 64 songs, 32 tracks, 250.000 events with microscope editing

Recording Studio 
- Play, stop, rec, rewind, ffwd, pause, song player

Disk Drive 
- Load, save, erase, copy, move, format 720 kb, 1.44 mb and 1.62 mb

- wk songs, wx songs, smf with lyrics (gm1 and 2), kar, word box, piano disk, doc, disklavier, audio file: mp3, mp3 + lyrics, cd audio, wav, mode: direct from hard disk, floppy disk, scsi or cd, load while playing

Hard Disk
- Built-in hard disk (2,5”eide), sampling, 2 tracks hard disk recorder (16 bit/44.1 khz.)

CD Player/Burner
- CD-R and CD-RW

- Stereo out, aux out 1/2, stereo inputs (mic/line with gain control), video out (svhs, rca), computer host, 2 headphones, 3 pedals, 2 midi in, 2 midi out, 2 midi thru, pc keyboard

- 80 W (20 W+20 W+40 W), 3 ways, with subwoofer 

- Built- in video interface, upgradeable operating system (fd/cd)

- Upright cabinet with sliding cover, finishing: black high gloss and mahogany

Dimensions (W x H x D)
- 1.435 x 935 x 575 mm / 56,5'' x 36,8'' x 22,6''

- 105,5 kg / 232,1 lbs
Hinta:3 195.00 €6 750.00 €