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GEM - WK2000 Oriental keyboard


WK2000OR is an arranger keyboard providing easy to access features that will enhance your musical performances. One of the WK2000OR’s unique features is the internal Hard Disk Drive that is factory loaded with enormous amounts of software from GEM’s acclaimed library. 1.000+ songs, over 300 styles, 32 specific accordion styles along with 15 RASS (Real Audio Syncr
o Styles) styles provide a near endless musical resource at your fingertips!
The library of songs has been grouped for easy & direct access. Most provide lyrics along with professional harmony tracks ready to control the internal Vocal Processor. This provides up to four harmony lines added to any sound source connected to the instrument’s Audio input, creating extraordinary vocal harmonies and second voices while you sing along. Chords & lyrics displayed on the back-lit screen or via any TV connected to the video out source, complete the ultimate Karaoke experience! The dynamic 2-way, 4 speaker enclosed audio system provides superb acoustic reproduction.
The control panel offers immediate access to the stunning library of 471 sounds, including 20 drumkits, along with all the main features and functions you could want. Its logical control arrangement along with the back-lit display provides immediately the operating status of the instrument for easy live adjustments.
Sound and styles can be selected via the dedicated keypad situated to the left and the right side of the display. For fast and easy changes to Sounds & Styles the WK2000SE features Direct Sound and Style panel memories! 16 of your most favourite sounds and styles can be recalled at the touch of one button. It’s ideal for fast changes during live performances, or for the hobbyist looking for an extremely easy to use arranger keyboard.
The Arranger section contains renowned GEM style accompaniments for almost every musical genre, programmed & arranged by a team of worldwide professionals. 96 styles are divided in different categories for fast and easy access: 8 Beat, 16 Beat, Rock, Funky, Dance, Jazz, Traditional, Latin User etc. Each style comprises up of 5 tracks of accompaniment (Drums, Bass, Acc. 1/2/3) and offers exceptional performance flexibility thanks to the broad choice of arrangement elements (including Intro, basic Pattern, Ending and Fill). Each Style, Intro & End offer 4 different variations from the basic to the most elaborated, assuring you the maximum musical richness and versatility.
Fade In/Out, Key Start/Continue, Fill In A/B, Fill pattern (that leads to previous or following variation), Tap Tempo (to set the tempo easily) are extremely useful for enhancing your musical performance.
With all those styles, how do you select the most appropriate melody sound to use? Easy, the Single Touch Play function allows you to recall up to 10 performance memories (presets) for each style, providing a total of 960 different performance memories.
The WK2000OR is equipped with a practical sequencer to load songs (GEM Songs and MIDI Files) and save SongStyles via the floppy or HDD. The floppy disk drive will also load new files in many formats including Standard Midi Files, GMX, WK2, WK3, PK7, CD and RASS formats. The 16 part multitimbral sound engine plays these files with ease and clarity.
Double, built-in digital effects processor enhances the overall sound thanks to the 22 reverbs and 22 types of modulation allowing the control of the general send level of each track. 63 performances memories, specially programmed provide instant recall of your favourite configurations including sounds, effects, controls, MIDI channels, state of tracks, styles etc.
Elegant, portable with a modern design, the WK2000SE represents the perfect blend of sounds, features and functions at an extremely affordable price.

- Keyboard 61 keys with velocity sensitivity 
- Polyphony 32 notes max 
- Sounds 471 PCM sounds, including 20 drumkits 
- Performances 63 real-time editable 
- Effects 22 reverbs + 22 modulations 
- Modes 3 real-time sections (lower, upper1, upper2); 
monophonic mode (only Upper 1), split (programmable), 
- Controls Volume, pitch/modulation ball, 16+16 direct 
sound/style memory, sound selection keypad, style/song 
selection keypad, cursor/page, melody off, demo, single 
touch play, performance recall, function buttons (F1/F9), 
style/tempo lock, play all songs, upper 1, upper 2, 
lower, floppy disk, hard disk, octave -/+, transpose b/#, 
lyrics, vocal processor, rev/chorus, sustain, metronome, 
harmony, sampling (record, samples), enter, escape, dial 
- Pads 4 programmable pads 
- Display LCD multifunction, backlit, karaoke style lyrics 
on display (2 x 24 characters) 
- Styles 96 styles x 4 variations, 5 tracks (drums, bass, 
acc 1, acc 2, acc 3), 8 user styles 
- Styles controls Arranger on/off, start/stop, intro, 
ending, 3 fill buttons (tap tempo), key start/continue, 
fade in/out, var. 1-2-3-4, arrange memory, lower memory, 
bass to lowest, style/tempo lock 
- Single Touch Play 960 (10 per style) 
- Sequencer 7 song style, 8 tracks recorder: 
- upper1/upper2/lower/5 tracks styles, 16 tracks player, 
record, play/stop 
- Disk Drive Load, save, delete, format (720 Kb - 
1.44MB), utility, functions: 'direct-from-floppy-
disk', 'play-all-songs' 
- Compatibility Standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1+lyrics), GMX, 
WK3, PK7, RASS, Word Box® MK1 
- Hard Disk Internal hard disk (2.5'', IDE) with songs and 
styles included 
- Connections Stereo outputs, 2 headphones, damper pedal, 
volume pedal, computer host (PC1, PC2, Mac), MIDI 
in/out/thru, built-in vocal processor, video out (RGB, S-
- Amplification 15W + 15W, 2 ways, 4 speakers 
- Dimensions
-(W x H x D) 1.100 x 150 x 390 mm /43,3'' x 5,9'' x 15,4'' 
- Weight 14,3 kg / 31,46 lbs 
- Specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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